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Warehouse-Easy, or W-Easy for short, is a warehouse management system for small, medium and large sized businesses with warehousing requirements. Tight integration with Order Easy will allow you to fully manage your order fulfilment in one system. Just imagine, originating orders in Order Entry (or any system for that matter), that will automatically push through to W-Easy,

generate picking slips and reserve stock (even manage backorders). Staff picks the stock by going to the correct location first, no more looking for stock that somehow moved! All actions are tracked and full stock adjustment data is stored for any stock level affecting transaction, and can never be manipulated or deleted. Full reporting with links to all originating documents and transactions.


You will never again wonder where your stock is or who last touched it!


With W-Easy you will not need to buy separate software to drive your barcode printers, this is built right into W-Easy. For a more technical explanation of what the barcoding in W-Easy can do, is to say that it is able to talk to barcode printers from any vendor that can or already does use the EPLII, ZPLII and ESCPOS.


W-Easy is a hosted system, this means that it needs an application server in order to run. It runs in your browser which means you can even work with W-Easy on your cell phone! Don’t have a server? No worries, we can get one for you, or we can even host your W-Easy instance online!


A basic set of reports are available in W-Easy, but we feel that most if not all clients have very specific needs for reporting in their unique business, so there is always a need to create additional reports. All reports are exportable to Excel by default.



  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Client Returns Management
  • Warehouse Transfer Receive


  • Picking
  • Checking
  • Dispatch
  • Warehouse Transfer Create


  • Cycle Counts (per item or location)
  • Full Stocktakes (with multiple recounts)


  • Warehouses
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Printers
  • Stock Items and Stock Levels
  • Bill Of Materials items
  • Suppliers

Additional Features:

  • One or many stock items in a location
  • Completely configurable warehouse layouts
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Full Security Matrix


W-Easy can integrate with your master system and receive, or extract, stock item, location, sales order, purchase order and other data. W-Easy offers the following integration methods:

XML Files

Fixed Length Files

Delimited Files

Web Services

Direct To Table (any database)

If you have a warehouse, and you are still using excel or paper to manage your stock, then click here. A product expert will contact you.