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What is Managed IT Services

What does managed IT services mean? In short, it's the continuous outsourcing of specific processes to your IT service provider. When you choose managed IT services, your IT service provider will offer you unlimited IT support which includes continual monitoring of IT workstations and IT infrastructure, all for a fixed fee on a monthly basis.

What is a managed services model?

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have had to expand their service offering in an attempt to stand out from the crowd, however the basic managed services model remains relatively constant, in short, it involves proactively outsourcing a process or service such as managed IT services.

The managed services model is a proactive approach to the outdated reactive response on your IT infrastructure.

The reactive model entails responsive services from your service provider who will only charge you for services rendered. Your business will only require servicing once something breaks, this makes the managed services approach a far more beneficial approach in respect to IT as it can greatly assist your business in streamlining operations while remaining cost efficient in the long term.

7 Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Aligns with the outcomes of your business
    When you choose managed services, the wellbeing of the IT company you choose depends on how efficient your company’s IT processes are, which gives the IT company incentive to do a great job.
  • Peace of mind
    Having outsourced IT solutions so accessible to your company, gives you the freedom to run your business without having to worry about the IT. You can leave that to your managed IT service provider.
  • Proactive support
    Managed services offer proactive support so instead of waiting for issues to arise, the focus is on eliminating issues before they have the chance to appear and preventing problems in the future.
  • Strategic IT planning
    Our managed IT support approach is focused on being proactive and helps you keep up with the ever-evolving technology world. We make proactive changes and recommendations to streamline your business, keep your company productive and ensure that your infrastructure is secure.
  • Completely outsourced IT solution 
    You’ll have access to an IT department via our “Network Operations Centre” (NOC), for IT support. NOC is available on agreed upon service level agreement response times.
  • Fixed fees
    Having access to managed services means you'll pay a predictable fee every month and will therefore avoid dealing with huge expenses when IT problems do occur.
  • Maintenance and upgrades
    Your company's software is consistently kept up to date by the managed services provider and you may even receive access to the latest technologies that you may not have otherwise had budget for.

Why you need Managed Services

Managed Services is by far the most cost-effective IT solution and this shows in the long term. Due to the constant threat of being hacked, information security is another main reason why businesses will need Managed Services. Protect your business from data loss and gain access to tailored IT support and regular maintenance.

Picking the right Managed IT Solutions for your company

Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have had to expand their service offering but when it comes to managed IT solutions, there’s usually a general set of services for you to choose from to ensure the smooth-running of your website, IT infrastructure and ultimately your business.

Managed IT services

Warp offers all-inclusive remote and onsite IT management and support at a fixed rate which includes full automation of network infrastructure. 


Data Backup and Recovery

Disks can fail and files can get deleted so because accidents happen, backing-up your company's data is necessary. The entire system volumes must be backed-up to save business-critical data as well as to justify the time invested in configuring your system. It's also important that your most valuable data is not only backed-up but is capable of being easily recovered.


IT Support

Outsource your IT and save time with cost-effective managed services, server management and backup support. Our experienced IT Support will be readily available to manage all types of IT related queries and you’ll also receive a monthly report that will help to highlight all problem areas for your website.


Web & Email Hosting

In order for your website to be accessible to web browsers, your website will need a server, which is where all your web content will be hosted. At Warp Development, we offer cloud-based web and email hosting that’s both secure and reliable.


Software & Hardware

Hardware and software maintenance is necessary to keep all operations optimised and running smoothly to prevent any future damage, however if and when repairs need to be made, and they sometimes do, it’s always comforting to know that it can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Warp can help with your Managed IT Services

At Warp, we employ a 4-step process:

First, we perform a network audit, this is intended to highlight the effectiveness of aspects like network control, security, availability and review current processes and performance.

We then look at design, taking a scalable technology approach that will grow with your business and all future technical and operational requirements.

Start implementing the scalable technology approach while causing as little disruption to your business as possible.

Once all installations are complete, Warp proactively monitors your IT infrastructure and workstations, leaving you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Contact us for a free network audit today. Most IT issues can be prevented which makes managed IT services the obvious choice. No business wants to be down for even a day, that’s why our highly skilled and experienced team employs a pro-active system approach that’s focused on effective business IT solutions. Find out how Warp’s managed IT services can add value to your business today.

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