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  • Tips to get your eCommerce store ready for Black Friday

    • 13 October 2021
      • Ecommerce
    Girl shopping online on Black Friday

    eCommerce businesses are gearing up for one of the biggest promotional periods of the year. Read our Black Friday eCommerce tips and prepare for a successful Black Friday 2021.

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  • Are You POPIA Compliant?

    • 01 July 2021
      • Protection of Personal Information
    Personal information protection

    The Protection of Personal Information Act or POPI Act comes into full effect on 1 July 2021 making it very important for all businesses to ensure that they are POPI compliant and are taking the measures to safeguard their data subject's private information. The penalties for non-compliance include sizeable fines and imprisonment and they will be enforced by the Information Regulator. It is important to follow practical steps as a business to make certain your website is POPI compliant. Ensuring that your business website reasonably complies with the POPI Act and protects personal information will benefit your business in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, improving your data security and data accuracy and outranking your competitors.

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  • Best Backup Solutions for 2021

    • 28 January 2021
      • Managed IT Services
    Cloud backup solutions

    Much of our workforce has moved to working from home multiple days per week, so it’s important to ensure that you safeguard your business against data loss. Put a backup plan in place for all your documents and data, otherwise you risk losing everything.

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  • My Pregnancy Journey App Wins Award

    • 05 November 2019
      • App development
    myionicstory_app development-mypregnancyjourney

    A one of a kind app suitable for anyone on their unique and memorable pregnancy journey. The app was created by Jacqui Rogers and a dynamic app development team, who utilised the Ionic framework to create an app that performs and behaves exceptionally and looks beautiful.

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